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Why an expat website?

To teach others is a very wonderful thing but of course
one can only teach after one has learnt
a lot oneself

-Jewharhal Nehru-

The idea behind this website started in 2003 when, after moving to this beautiful island, we realized how little we knew about the inner workings of the country that would become our home (for at least the next couple of years). In addition, there were many facets of expatriate life that came as a total surprise. It is easy for outsiders to get the wrong idea of expatriate life: a perception that combines romanticism and leisure, adventure and pleasure, a better life, a hope, a future. It is seen as a privileged lifestyle and envied by those who stay behind. These qualities may, in some way or another, be present in the expatriate lifestyle, but with them also come the sacrifices, discipline, energy, focus, determination, self-discipline and connectedness that keep yourself together.

It was through the help of fellow expats and wonderful new friends that we finally found our way through many adventurous, exciting, challenging and wonderful situations. Learning to live in Mauritius is not something you can pre-plan. Rather it is something that happens to you, as you become part of its richness, its smells, its colours and its people.



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