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...to the essential expatriate information site, the only one of its kind in Mauritius.

This site is especially for YOU if you are:

- thinking of moving to Mauritius
- already in the process of moving here
- a new arrival, or
- a long-term resident.

The aim is to give you as much information as possible before you get here to make the transition easier and to keep you posted with practical advice and information for your stay here, however long that may be. Discover Mauritius through the eyes of other expatriates! This site is loaded with ideas and information from expats who have already been through the same experience as you. Most of all we just want you to feel WELCOME and to know that you are not alone here!

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Getting started...What does this country look like? Where is it? Who discovered it? Who governs it? What are the people like? What culture do they embrace? This is Mauritius in a nutshell.


Look, see and decide trip…or pure internet research? Whichever way you prepare for the move, arm yourself with practical help on finding accommodation, choosing a school, deciding whether or not to move your pet, and completing your employment documentation.


Planning and packing. Work through our practical checklists of what needs to be done from four months before your move, right up until the day you step onto the plane to start your new life.


Find the answers to your ’Where do I find...?’ or ’What do I do if…?’ worries. This is the crash course section on who, what, where and why.


Now it's time to relax! Meet people, join a sports club or a book club, indulge in some pampering at a spa, or sign your kids up for horse riding lessons...it's all here.

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Sample shopping basket

Dozen eggs

Rs 64.40
1l Longlife milk
Rs 39.96
Loaf brown bread
Rs 33.00
500ml Coke
Rs 18 00
Rs 43.39 /L
Rs 52.25 /L
Updated March 2014

This photo and most others on this site were contributed by our photographer Jean Garrett. www.jeangarrett.com.

Island snaps
by Jean Garrett
Share your colourful sights of the island by emailing your favourite snaps of Mauritius to admin@expatmauritius.com

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